Why bamboo is considered an element of luck in feng shui?

Bamboo is itself a formidable plant that brings peace and positive energy in the home. It has its own wisdom and you can learn from him how to be flexible and how to open up the interior to revive the spirit. 🙂

Bamboo is considered lucky because in it are found all five elements of feng shui: wood (bamboo is putting himself in this category), Earth (bamboo grows in the ground), water (it wet), Fire (ii chicken symbol feng shui red or a red bow), Metal (glass bowl in which you fall into the category Metal bamboo). If you keep that in plastic or ceramic pots, then it is advisable to put a coin in the bowl or feng shui or metal figurine).

Depending on the the chapter you want to feel some improvement that’s why you have to keep in mind:

  • 3 bamboo – happiness,
  • 5 bamboo – Health,
  • 2 bamboo – for love and marriage,
  • 8 bamboo – for wealth and abundance,
  • 9 bamboo – for luck. 🙂

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